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ECLIPSE - ONLINE WORKSHOP - for family violence practitioners/responders (PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF DATE DUE TO WAITANGI DAY)

Practitioner-Victim Insight Concept (PVIC)
Wednesday 9th February 10:00am - Friday 11th February 2022 12:00pm NZDT
Where  Zoom
Who Debbs Murray
The course "ECLIPSE - ONLINE WORKSHOP - for family violence practitioners/responders (PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF DATE DUE TO WAITANGI DAY)" has finished

PLEASE NOTE - THE CHANGE OF TIME AND DATE DUE TO WAITANGI WEEKEND - all three trainings are between 10.00am-12.00pm (apologies for any confusion)


ECLIPSE: Family Violence Services Ltd is a specialist family violence training provider, that offers services across Aotearoa, New Zealand. We have a targeted focus on increasing whānau safety and well-being by educating on the Practitioner-Victim Insight Concept (PVIC)© and the interconnected dynamics and impacts of Coercive Control-The Umbrella Tactic ©, Layers of Consequence ©, Invisible Walls© and Whole of Person Entrapment©.

This training aims to increase understanding of the restrictions and barriers that surround primary victims and reduce capability to help seek. We also aim to increase sectoral knowledge and empathy and to reduce the unconscious judgement that exists within our sector.

Facilitator Debbs brings 20 years experience working across the family violence sector, and is also a survivor of family violence, she recognises and presents the interconnected perspective of survivor and practitioner in a professional, healthy and informative manner.



Day One - Wednesday 9th February - 10.00am-12.00pm

  • Debbs story – Breaking Silence documentaries
  • Coercive Control and Pet Abuse – lived examples provided
  • ‘No Holds Barred’ Q & A session
  • Resistance – recognising, valuing and utilising the strength of our victims – support self-determination strategies
  • How we view our primary victims and how that impacts on our responsiveness
  • The Episodic nature of family violence and coercive control – cumulative impact, legalities, tactics, dynamics, and impacts

Day Two - Thursday 10th February -10.00am-12.00pm

  • The Practitioner-Victim Insight Concept (PVIC) ©
    • Coercive Control – The Umbrella Tactic
    • Rewards Based Phenomenon
    • Layers of Consequence 
    • Invisible Walls 
    • Whole of Person Entrapment 
  • Risk analysis
  • Safety strategising
  • Understanding victim behaviour and responses – reducing judgement and increasing empathy
  • Empathy vs Sympathy – understanding the difference

 Day Three - Friday 11th February  - 10.00am-12.00pm

  • Practice Framework Approach 
    • Upholding Dignity
    • Whole of Person Approach
    • Creating a Foundation of safety
    • Practice Dashboard
    • Building on Personal Safety and Navigating Risk (Practitioner)
  • Organisational and Systemic Entrapment – how the systemic deficits within our own organisation and our organisations systems can inadvertently re-victimise
  • Working in partnership - highlighting roles and responsibilities in reporting / information collation
  • How can we utilise our new learnings – mindset change / response tools
  • How to acknowledge that every Intervention opportunity is a Prevention opportunity
  • Wrap up


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IMPORTANT: Please note that if you have been exposed to family violence or have lived experience this training may trigger memories.  Please consider booking in supervision post training in order to assist in keeping your self care a priority.  Alternatively you can engage the services of EAP.less

PLEASE NOTE - THE CHANGE OF TIME AND DATE DUE TO WAITANGI WEEKEND - all three trainings are between 10.00am-12.00pm (apologies... more

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Available 6 Jan 2022 - 11 Feb 2022

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